Shipping Neymar’s belongings from Barcelona to Paris would cost an estimated £155k

Parcel2Go calculated the estimated cost to physically move football player’s boxed-up belongings following a transfer, using both real-life and hypothetical international and domestic examples.

New research suggests that the predicted cost to ship Neymar’s (the world’s most expensive footballer) belongings following his transfer to Paris Saint-Germain from Barcelona would cost an estimated £155,000.

The estimations, calculated by courier comparison website Parcel2Go, come after some big moves in the current transfer window. Neymar’s move to PSG was one of the most anticipated transfers ever, with rumors circulating over the last of couple of seasons that he wanted out at Barcelona. This summer he finally got his wish, costing the French club an astonishing £198m for his signature.

The transfer window can be an important time in a player’s career, which might involve them moving to a new city or even a new country. While the media like to concentrate on the astonishing prices and salaries of the players, Parcel2Go have calculated the costs to actually move a footballer’s belongings, following a transfer, using both real-life and hypothetical examples.

The Results

To gain a greater understanding of the costs of moving players to various leagues around the world, Parcel2Go used six real-world transfer examples and found out how much it would cost the specific players to move to their new clubs.

Specific costs for moving players’ belongings:

  • Neymar: Barcelona (Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain) on £520,000 a week
    • Estimated moving cost: £155,157
    • Percentage of weekly wage: 29.84%
  • Oscar: London to China (Chelsea to Shanghai SIPG) on £400,00 a week
    • Estimated moving cost: £148,560
    • Percentage of weekly wage: 37.14%
  • Morata:  Madrid to London (Real Madrid to Chelsea) on £150,000 a week
    • Estimated moving cost: £55,643
    • Percentage of weekly wage: 37.1%
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger: Manchester to USA (Man Utd to Chicago Fire) on £80,000 a week
    • Estimated moving cost: £21,720
    • Percentage of weekly wage: 27.15%
  • Alexandre Lacazette: Lyon to London (Lyon to Arsenal) on £200,000 a week
    • Estimated moving cost: £16,512
    • Percentage of weekly wage: 8.26%
  • Kyle Walker: London to Manchester (Tottenham Hotspurs to Man City) on £130,000 a week
    • Estimated moving cost: £3,237
    • Percentage of weekly wage: 2.49%

Methodology for Calculations

Using the Parcel2Go Get a Quote function, and the standard delivery option available based on quotes/prices as of 14th August 2017, the costs were estimated on a projected quantity of boxes, which were based on a box to wage ratio. 

Calculations were based on an average box size of 60cm x 45cm x 30cm, weighing 10kg for consistency, and for every £1k of a weekly wage, it was estimated that 5 boxes would need to be sent – and so total costs of sending are high because of the sheer volume being sent, rather than expensive delivery charges.

Les Yates, Global Head of Marketing at Parcel2Go commented:

“Following some big moves in the summer transfer window, we wanted to examine how much it would cost to physically move a footballer’s boxed-up belongings, following such a transfer. 

“The magnitude of the quote for Neymar was astonishing at first, but as the world’s most expensive footballer it does make perfect logical sense! 

“You don’t just get players moving to clubs in the same country or around Europe nowadays, as seen with the Oscar and Schweinsteiger examples. There is a big attraction for players to move to the MLS and Chinese Super League – which can cost these players even more to ship their belongings.

“The implications of footballers transferring internationally might be the subsequent stress or inconvenience of having to uproot and move to a new location, which may put some players off. The cost itself of moving these players might seem like a ridiculous amount at first, but when you compare this to their salaries it’s only a small percentage of their weekly wage, and so unlikely to have too much of a negative impact on their decision”.



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