Top 5 Deep Sea movies and a chance to win Blue Planet DVDs!

We are giving away the fantastic Blue Planet DVD for you to take home. The Blue Planet series definitely deserves its plaudits, it has received rave reviews from documentary critics to your average Joe, and what’s not to love? David Attenborough’s relaxing but engaging narration and the incredible deep sea footage.

Check out our best top 5 deep sea movies!

1.   Deep Blue Sea

Released in 1999, so forget Jaws, this epic action movie has now become a cult classic. Ok, so it might be a little over the top,

2.   Open Water

Based on true story, this 2002 film, gave an account of survival for a couple whose honeymoon went all wrong when they decided to go scuba diving.

3.   47 Meters Down

After young siblings Kate and Lisa decided to go on an adventure in Mexico, they elect to try the shark-infested waters in a deep sea cage, as you can imagine it all goes wrong. No Spoilers!

4.   Jaws

Does this classic even require explaining?! It’s, without doubt, one of the best shark films of all time.  Even the music still terrifies. This Steve Spielberg epic not only makes our top 5 but regularly ranks as one of the best films ever made.

5.   The Deep

Based on a Scandinavian man who takes on the frightening sea’s on his own after an unfortunate shipwreck, mixed reviews but we think it’s a winner!

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