4 Reasons Why Leicester Sacked Claudio Ranieri

It came as a bit of a shock to hear Leicester decided to part company with Claudio Ranieri after what he achieved last season, and the news even had Gary Lineker shed a tear. It’s looking like winning the league last season ultimately cost him his job because the owners wanted something similar to happen this season, and we all knew it was never going to happen, and in fact it would be hard for them to stay in the league altogether. We have all been proved right this year because Leicester are really struggling now and find themselves in a relegation battle for the rest of the season. Leicester could be the side that wins the Premier League one season and then gets relegated the next. It’s obvious Leicester are struggling, but what are the real reasons behind the sacking of Claudio Ranieri?

1.Current League Position

It’s obvious that the main reason why he was sacked is simply that of Leicester’s league position. They currently find themselves just above the drop and if they don’t change their fortunes around in the coming weeks they could easily find themselves in a position that will be hard for them to stay in the league from. Swansea are currently playing good football and even Sunderland have got a few points on the board in recent weeks, and that has ultimately sucked Leicester into a relegation battle, and that has cost Ranieri his job.

2. Ranieri Lost the Dressing Room

According to sources, Ranieri fell out with multiple players in recent months and that saw his players lose confidence in his managerial ability. There’s no confirmation on which players he fell out with, but with Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez both not playing to their high standards in the last few months, it seems that Ranieri has fallen out with most of them. This is one of the main reasons why he was sacked as several players have clearly shown their frustrations on the pitch in front of the fans.

3. Leicester Have Lost Their Attacking Mentality

The reason why Leicester won the league last year is purely because they weren’t afraid of anyone they played, and they simply went to play games to win regardless of the opposition. That has all changed this season and they have already been at the end of several beatings from top opposition. The owners clearly feel Ranieri is responsible for their negative play and they obviously had enough with some of the poor displays Leicester were showing their fans.

4. Did Kante Leave Because of Ranieri?

Leicester lost Kante to Chelsea at the end of last season and that has sparked rumours that Kante fell out with Ranieri as well. That would seem unlikely though, as when Chelsea come knocking at the door you are always going to leave Leicester for them, as it’s always too good of an opportunity to turn down. Whether Ranieri did have an impact on him leaving remains to be seen, but if it was because of him, it could end up costing Leicester dearly.

Ranieri will be missed by many fans for what he has achieved with the club, and the chances of them ever winning the league again will be slim unless they get a big takeover which gives them the cash to splash on world-class players. What are your views on his sacking? Where will he choose to manage next? 

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