are players ready for the opening day fixtures in August?

Professional footballers will be enjoying the last week of their holidays before returning to training in July. Whilst clubs will no doubt have strenuous fitness sessions booked in for their players, the dieticians will have also drawn up careful plans for each player to whip them into shape before the opening day fixtures in August.

Football has evolved in recent decades, with funds been made available to understand sports nutrition and training techniques. The days of players drinking beer in the baths after games and living from unhealthy food are long gone. Players now have to monitor everything they eat and report to the coaching staff.

This data set at shows how footballers ensure they have the lean build and muscle mass needed to compete in their chosen competition. Whereas the average man consumes 3000 calories per day footballers gauge on 3800 calories to ensure they have the energy to run up to 6.5 miles during a game.

The piece offers some advice about what players should be eating so they are performing at their peak. The calorie intake should be on rest days and after games as footballers should avoid eating large meals 3-4 hours before a match. This means a lot of players opt to eat porridge or a banana to give them a boost before games.

You can also use the piece to compare the diet of a footballer to athletes from different sports and discover how swimmers maintain their lean physique or American Footballers keep their size.

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