Can Costa make a triumphant comeback at Anfield?

In one of the most exciting games of the Premier League season, Jose Mourinho’s Blues will be taking on Brendan Rodgers’ Reds at Anfield on 8th November.

The game will bring back bitter memories for home fans as the world class teams take each other on: just seven months ago, Liverpool were inches away from taking their first Premier League title in its current format. However, their dream was soon snatched away by Chelsea and the title went to Manchester City, giving them even more incentive to crush their enemies at home on Saturday.

It’s no secret that Liverpool has some of the most loyal fans around, which will doubtless give them the extra push they need to succeed this weekend, but an unfortunate string of losses, including most recently to 12th-place Newcastle, does not bode well for the team.

Even worse news for Liverpool fans, Diego Costa will be fit and well for the upcoming game on Saturday. The 26-year-old was notably absent in Chelsea’s Capital One Cup game against Shrewsbury on 28th October. The game should have been an effortless victory for The Blues, but despite walking away 2-1, the second goal was courtesy of a late own goal by Shrewsbury’s Jermaine Grandison.

While Didier Drogba’s 48th minute goal was widely praised, there was a noticeable tension as Diego Costa sat on the bench. Currently top scorer in the Premier League, Costa had incurred a hamstring injury which caused him to sit out. Mourinho was visibly irked by Costa’s recent international duties, which he claims were to blame for the injury.

Costa made his return to the game on 1st November against Queens Park Rangers, but for the first time this season, failed to score. Despite winning 2-1 at home, the goals went to Oscar in the 32nd minute, while Eden Hazard scored a 75th minute penalty.

But a goalless performance from Costa has not struck fear into the heart of Jose Mourinho just yet. The 51-year-old said: “A muscular injury doesn’t just affect your body but also your brain, because after that you are afraid of reactions. The next match for him will be better.”

With nine goals in eight matches, it’s easy to understand why bookmakers have their money on Chelsea to win this weekend. But with a table to climb and an old score to settle, there’s little chance that Liverpool will go down without a fight.

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