Football Betting Tips – Who Could Win The Premiership This Season

The 2013/14 Premiership season looks like being the toughest yet, for those who want to place bets on the winner. It is not because there are so many teams in the running – realistically there are probably only four – it’s just that they all have flaws that makes choosing any of them risky. Any sensible football betting punter is likely to be looking at a choice of Manchester City, United Arsenal or Chelsea, but it would be hard to pick any of them with a strong sense of conviction just now.

City are favourites with the bookies, with 11/4 odds, but the odds on the other three – 9/2 for United and 7/2 each for Arsenal and Chelsea – suggest they know how close it is as well. Arsenal are the surprise pace-setters, but they would be affected more by injuries than any of the other three, due to a lack of depth (particularly in the striking positions). None of the other three has demonstrated any consistency of form so far this season, making establishing which is the strongest a very hard task, and making the smart tip to wait a little longer before betting and play a slot machine like Game On while you do so.

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