Koscielny Assessing his Options

Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny has threatened to leave the Emirates if the club don’t show some more ambition and start to deliver some success.

Koscielny signed a new, long term contract with the Gunners just last summer but, although, he claims to be happy at the moment, he wants to see Arsene Wenger to build a team which is capable of competing in the champions league. “I feel good at Arsenal, if we have ambition to fight against the other teams of course I want to stay here,” Koscielny said. “It’s hard psychologically. We are constantly pressured because if Arsenal is not in the Champions League it would be a catastrophe,” he added, bemoaning the fact that his side have failed to win any silverware since the 2005 FA Cup.

France international Koscielny joined the Gunners in 2010 from FC Lorient and was presumably seduced by the success of the 2001-02 double winning side and the invincibles of 2003-04 but, after making a name for himself under Wenger, he is now ready to move on if Arsenal can’t compete for honours. “It is hard to not win titles year after year,” the 27-year old said.  “We are competitors, professionals, we want to win. I want to add to my list of achievements. If Arsenal cannot allow me that, I’ll seek a move elsewhere,” he added.

Unfortunately for Arsenal, the chances of ending their trophy-drought will only be hindered by their star players becoming restless at the lack of success. If Arsene Wenger can keep hold of Koscielny and add two or three more quality players to his squad then 2013-14 might be the year that they finally bring some silverware back to the Emirates. If, however, Koscielny joins the long list of talented players who have been allowed to leave Arsenal then the vicious circle may continue.

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