Matchbook Exchange Review for Football Fans

Matchbook was founded as a betting exchange back in 2004 and after it was acquired by UK investors seven years later, it began to focus more on British sports. In particular, football came to the fore and in the present day you can use Matchbook to access all the top games from leagues across the world.

Low Commissions

The company offer low commission rates across their book and levels are currently applied at an impressive 1%. However, for top football games in the UK and beyond, you can often find even lower figures.

For the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Matchbook cut those rates in half so customers could enjoy an incredible 0.5% on each and every Asian Handicap trade throughout the tournament. It was an incredible competition for football fans across the globe and for those who prefer a betting exchange over a traditional sportsbook, the fluctuations in many of the top matches meant that there were some serious profits to be had.

When you consider that many exchanges can apply higher commission rates up to 7% in some cases, you’ll understand why Matchbook are becoming so popular. Small Margins make a big Difference and a swing of 6% in the customer’s favour provides a huge boost to their profit.

The World Cup may be gone for another four years but low commission rates continue to apply to Matchbook games. That standard 1% level will remain for 2014 and beyond while the new English Premier League season will start to benefit from the special 0.5% rate.

Lower commissions mean greater profit and that’s one of the reasons why Matchbook are a worthy addition to your betting portfolio.

Markets and Odds

The Premier League is a main focus for the company but here you’ll find all the top matches from La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga and much more. Nordic leagues, South American football and the MLS – they’re all covered by Matchbook so you should never be short of a game, no matter what the time of year may be.

Aside from soccer, there are other markets to get involved with. Tennis, golf, cricket, rugby, basketball, boxing, baseball, MMA, American Football and Aussie rules are also quoted extensively.

If you’re looking for side bets, the number of these will depend on the size of the game and how many players want to get involved but you can usually find an Asian Handicap option at the very least.

As for odds, a betting exchange and the peer to peer trading that it involves means that you can generally look forward to receiving better prices than you would from a traditional sportsbook.

Website and Technical Support

Matchbook’s website has proved to be very reliable and resistant to freezing or complete downtime. The very nature of a betting exchange means that the action is fast paced and a trustworthy website is a huge bonus.

Meanwhile, there are a number of help options including basic tutorials if you are new to betting exchanges and how they work. In addition you can access a full list of FAQs while telephone support numbers are available if required.


When you’re looking for a betting exchange you don’t need gimmicks or flashy ads. Matchbook scores over its competitors thanks to that incredible commission rate and the liquidity that allows them to do this makes them a name that you can trust.

They offer an extensive selection of football matches from across the world and look out for those special rates of commission that can boost your profits even further and put even more money back into your pocket.

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