Quiz: Guess the famous player!

After the international break, fans are eager to see their teams back in action. For fans of Liverpool and Manchester United, the North-West derby is probably the best way to start off the weekend. Both teams have invested in their squads over the summer in order to deal with the Champions League fixtures they will be competing in, as well as hoping to be in contention for the title in the latter stages of the season.

It’s early days, but United go into the game with the better form of the two sides, so a punter who has placed a bet on Man United to win has a good chance on winning the bet. Liverpool may not have had a start to the season like United, a win in this game would take them just four points behind their North-West rivals and end their unbeaten start to the season.

It’s not just the Liverpool and United fans which will be paying attention to the game. The North-West derby is one of the biggest derbies in England and will be watched by fans all over the globe. The prestige of both clubs draws a lot of people into watching the match, but both clubs also have individual players which fans like to keep an eye on. It’s unsurprising that both clubs have been the home of some amazing players over the years. This quiz lists some of the best and most famous players. Can you remember which North-West club they played for?

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