The Biggest Football Tournaments in the World

Ranking the 3 Most Popular Soccer Tournaments 

The footballing world is one that is filled with glitz, glamour, and prizes. If you follow soccer news closely it may seem like a new team is winning some sort of trophy or tournament every passing week. This is simple because there are so many tournaments for teams to take part in.

Surely, however, not every tournament can be as highly prioritised by each and every team. The biggest clubs in the world will want to win the biggest trophies, while clubs that are smaller may aim for a domestic cup or something else that suits their level.

And of course, in the footballing world, there aren’t only club trophies up for grabs. There is a constant slew of international games that are played every year, each competing for different international trophies. For some players, winning an international trophy is more of a career achievement than any club trophy on offer… 

But which trophies mean the most in football? Which are the tournaments that every player aspires to compete in? This article will rank the three biggest football tournaments in the world. Let’s get started! 

3) Copa America 

When people think of footballing nations, two regions of the world normally come to mind. People think mainly of the European countries and countries in South America. South American football fans dedicate their entire lives to the sport, and the players follow suit.

It would only make sense then, that for South American football players, winning the Copa America is like hitting the jackpot at an online casino NZ has to offer. The Copa America is the oldest football tournament in the history of the sport, with the first edition occurring all the way back in 1916. 

Countries like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile have formed some of the fiercest footballing rivalries while competing for this trophy. Of course, only South American nations and players can compete, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is one of the biggest and most prized cups on offer.

2) UEFA Champions League 

When it comes to club football, the top 5 European Leagues is where every player aspires to be. These leagues in England, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy contain some of the biggest and most historic teams in the world.

It only makes sense then, that being crowned the best team in Europe, by winning the UEFA Champions League, is one of the biggest honours in the sport. This makes the UEFA Champions League a comfortable second on this list. 

1) The FIFA World Cup 

This is the most obvious first place that anyone could have ever hoped for. Some football fans prefer watching the UEFA Champions League and claim that the football in that tournament is of a much higher level, but nothing can truly match the magic of the FIFA World Cup.

Every young player aspires to represent their nation on the biggest stage of world soccer. Being able to play in, and potentially win the World Cup, is a dream that not many can achieve. The World Cup is the biggest tournament in football, and potentially all sports, worldwide. 

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